Colonel & Khaled D. Ramadan

In the debate on expatriatism, nation-states most fear the satellite dish and the Internet—in other words, any facility aiding the construction of a “virtual identity. “This concept of virtual identity is the focus of the multimedia project cast by the artists Colonel (Thierry Geoffroy) and Khaled D.Ramadan.

The project presents the way in which expatriates become the “authors” of their own identity and the processes by which they constantly draft and redraft themselves in virtual/personal logic. Much of the literature on expatriate identity focuses on the construction of so-called false identities and the notion of identity swapping. read more >





This is what islamists do to defenders of our civilisation in Iraq. They make them kneel and wear funny hats and shoes. Can you imagine how much they sweat in something like this?   An arrow found in a lawn near our offices. This weapon is quitet and effective. Is someone trying to attack us, or are we just getting paranoid?
  Oh man, be prepared. Get everything important packed and ready to go: tools, water, blankets, dry food, tents, pils and medical material, warm underwear and musical instruments. Do not be vulnerable! It is important to stay in touch with your governemet. Do learn signs and signals, Do not be perplexed by unfinished messages and orders.
    Excercise and fight! At first in the gym, next time it can be for real in the streets of your town. Get in shape, compete with your neighbours, form militias.
This is wat we call an effective weapon. It combines a rifle, light beam, army knife, who sets of binoculars and universal keeholder. The only downside is the weight of this whole equipment. Stop suicide drivers with your street poles. Do not make them crash to your house and set in on fire. Plan carefully where lamp poles are erected. Be heard. Be loud, be active, be the first who will shout problems into world. Protest against everything, turn media to your side, guide them and use them.
  Grow plants that are part of your culture. Boycott rice, carps, oranges, bananas, soya, potatoes. Leard about your local crop. Even an apple can be a great source of vitamins without your culture selling out to some tropical crap. Learn how to make them taste even more delicious.
Test all incoming transport for plant smuggling and animal smuggling. Keep you country clean. A stone that was found under a broken window. There was a hand holding that stone, there was an arm that make it fly.  
    Make your art difficult to understand, do not be afraid to become an elitist. Your people will understand you.
Use your tools as alternative sources of energy. Do not depend on things made in China, create your own machinery Make an escape plans, have your maps ready. Follow immigrants and control areas where they gather. Share this information with your friends.
  Let your officials informed about your fears. Sign petitions, write anonymous letters. Find out ways how to turn ordinary objects into usefull materials for your personal defense. Erect walls.
This is your city, a beautifull European town. Learn your children to appreciate it and love it. Forbid them to sell it out to foreigners. A model of a cultural crash. The next one can be for real.
  So far is your table full of food. But there are eyes watching you with a great hunger.
Automatic vehicle for retrieving bombs. A system of protection for your motorbike. No one can steal it like this... ...and turn it into a usless piece of metal
Dance in your underwear only. Take your jackets down, show your style and aryan body. Turn basketballs into tennisballs  
World powers can sweep all problems out of this planet. But they have to be united and clean themselves. Do you remember that shadow? It is still in our minds. The guard is missing, kamikaze can come and do his deadly job.
And that arrow is still there, waiting for someone who is better at aiming. Your message is not that important. What is important is your voice, your opinion that can be heard by all. Make schemes for radio receivers, collect all important elements to build one. You can use this knowledge in the time AFTER.
Play games...   Strategic games. Learn how to destroy your enemies. Think ahead.
If necessary, brake your own furniture so THEY cannot use it after you. Everything is connected. Practice fight on planes. Leard how to eliminate kidnappers.
Be aware of suspicious details. If in danger, hide yourself.