Demand environmentaljustice from Shell!

In Mayo Shell and Statoil, with the approval of the Irish government, are planning to:

***Take land from local residents and build a high pressure gas pipeline that will go past their houses: the pressure inside the pipeline will be up to four times greater than that of the biggest Bord Gais pipelines. The pipeline will be going through boggy land with a history of landslides.
***Construct a gas refinery on unstable bog: This construction will be using previously untried methods to stabilise the bog surface and involve a massive amount of traffic. Emissions from the refinery will affect the nearby Carrowmore Lake, source of the regional water supply.

***Pump toxic waste into Broadhaven Bay: A U.C.C. research team found that Broadhaven Bay was an important breading and rearing area for dolphins and whales. They recorded over 220 sightings of seven whale and dolphin species, plus sightings of two seal species, in Broadhaven Bay and north-west Mayo waters.

Rossport Solidarity Camp was born in June 2005. It is the first protest camp around an ecological theme to take place in Ireland for several years. The camp began after local opponents of Shell's plan to build an unprecedented high pressure gas pipeline through the hamlet of Rossport invited activists there to support their struggle. A large marquee was erected with a kitchen for cooking and eating, sleeping and meeting, notice boards and an info point. Compost toilets and standard compost heaps were built to deal with organic waste and the rest was recycled. A tipi and a large bender provided more space when needed, as well as smaller tents too. Water in barrels was carried in daily from Vincent Mc Grath's house and locals offered showers and laundry. A wind turbine system was set up to harness wind energy giving electricity to power lights, mobile phones and computers.

The camps role as part of the campaign was:
To block and protect the land in Rossport from any encroachment by Shell.
To guard, picket and blockade the Shell compound in Rossport, as do the local people at the proposed refinery site 10km inland at Bellanaboy.
To be a focus, an info point and a venue for visitors who come to find out more about what's going on and/or to stay.
To support the families of The Rossport Five.

From June 18th last year there were no deliveries of construction materials to the compound at Rossport. From June 30th pickets closed the Rossport compound and the refinery construction site at Ballinaboy. In August Shell was forced to cancel the arrival of the Solitaire, one of the world's largest pipelaying ships, due to a planned blockade by fishermen. On September 30th the Rossport Five were released, because of popular pressure.

In March, Rossport Solidarity Camp will be re-launched for the 2006 'construction season' - running late Spring, through Summer, and early Autumn. From March onwards they are looking for more people to come to the camp, be it for 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months. See selected reports from the Rossport Solidarity meetings: Glasgow, Nottingham 1 | 2, Manchester, Oxford, also RampArts social center held a benefit for the '05 speaking tour.

Shell are also facing dificulties within Nigeria with Gunboat attacks on oil rigs and kidnappings of employees in the Ogoni delta. Whilst in September last there were protest hangings outside the Shell Centre on the South Bank for Ogoni Day [pictures 1 | 2 and video]. IMC London had a feature on it and an environmental protest comprising sand dump and banner drop with megaphone and samba band went without hitch [pics and report | videos].

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